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  • Relationship Counselling
  • Youth & Adolescent Issues
  • Marriage & Family issues 
  • Addictions and substance Abuse
  • Self-esteem & Loneliness
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Bereavement and Loss
  • Trauma & Suicidal thoughts
  • PTSD, Stress, Panic, Fear
  • Most psychosomatic disorders, etc.

Problems We Address

Addictions &amp; Substance Abuse <br>
Addictions & Substance Abuse
First step to solving the problem is to admit you have one.Then seek help and be willing to change. Be hopeful and never accept defeat.
Depression &amp; Anxiety, Panic<br>
Depression & Anxiety, Panic
First step to solving the problem is to admit you have one. Then seek help, be willing to accept realities with boldness, hope and faith.
PTSD, Fear, Suicidal Thoughts <br>
PTSD, Fear, Suicidal Thoughts
First step to solving the problem is to admit you have one. Let go of the past, be hopeful and embrace your glorious future,

We Have a Team of Counsellors Waiting to Help You.

We know how important it is for everyone to have someone they can talk to, share their fears, worries and struggles. Someone who is ever-ready to listen and stand with you; who understands you, and also helps you figure things out. Unfortunately, most of us don't have such a person around, and that is why we are here for you. 
You are no longer alone. We are here for you. In our sessions, you will be the one to do all the talking - we will listen and guide you all the way through to resolving all your issues. Don't hesitate - you will find here the best confidants ever.
As a Charity our services are free! Make an appointment and see for yourself that we dedicated to helping throughout your journey to freedom and emotional health.

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Through this COVID Pandemic, We Are Here to serve You!

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Services and Details

Evaluation, Need Assessment & Therapeutic Plan
Free Services!

COVID-19 Response:  During the current health emergency, answering our crisis phone lines and online chats is our top priority. Be assured we will respond to you quicker than you think.
Psychotherapy, Biopsychosocial Analysis & Emotional Disorders
Free Services
We offer Immediate access to non-restrictive, barrier-free, non-judgemental, confidential support and follow-up to youth, adults, and seniors through 24/7 phone lines and online services.
Crisis, Trauma, Suicide, Marriage  Counseling
Free Services 
We offer relevant programming, education and training to increase awareness about suicide, provide evidence-based knowledge, strengthen intervention skills, facilitate transformation and recovery after a suicide experience and provide supporting strategies for resiliency.


Doris P. <br>
Doris P.
"All I can say is thank you! You came to my rescue when I thought all hope was lost. Now I am beginning to believe again, trust in my ability to survive and embrace my glorious future."
Angela M. <br>
Angela M.
"I totally gave up on myself and was ready to end it all, but your timely intervention saved me. Thank you believing in me and showing me the light at the end of my darkness."
Daniel A.<br>
Daniel A.
"They are really good listeners :) They helped me figure out the source of my problems, and discover the solution for them. There dedication and integrity are commendable."